Delivering powerful deep cooling

City Cooler CTC1

The City Cooler works best in well-ventilated spaces, preferably with adequate shelter from the elements. These can include commercial spaces – such as semi-open urban areas, outdoor attractions, alfresco dining or even in industrial spaces such as large factories and hangars.

City Cooler CTC2

The Airbitat City Cooler is designed to be quiet yet powerful. With streamlined airflow paths and high efficiency low-noise German-engineered fans that are fully encapsulated, the Airbitat experience is one that is truly cool, but never noisy.


The Reevac™ Deep Cooling Technology

Other coolers can be limited in its cooling impact. But with Airbitat Coolers, you will feel the deep cooling difference instantly. With our unique Reevac™ Deep Cooling technology, Airbitat is always 50% more effective in delivering deeper cooling than any other conventional evaporative cooler, in every environment.

Urban Cooler

The Urban Cooler delivers a large cooling capacity of up to 87,000 BTU/hr, and distributes fresh cool air evenly to a targeted space. With its versatile air distribution system, flexible building management integration and a variety of access control modes, you can choose to extend, focus or distribute cooling for effective use in your space.

Compact Cooler

(Coming Soon)

For the first time, the power of deep cooling comes in a compact form factor. The Compact Cooler achieves the coldest performance for a portable cooler in its size. Its minimalist design and compact footprint fits easily in all spaces.


Powerful airflow yet truly quie

Airbitat coolers are designed to be quiet even as they deliver powerful cooling into city spaces. Airflow paths within are engineered to reduce turbulence and noise, and streamlined to allow air to be delivered with greater efficiency. 

Say goodbye to the fuss and frustration of maintaining your cooler. With built-in cleaning cycles, you can be sure that each experience with Airbitat is fresh and cool.

Goodbye waste heat, hello eco cooling

Waste heat emitting from air-conditioning compressors can add significantly to urban heat. Airbitat delivers sustainable deep cooling without compressors or emissions of harmful chemicals. It’s our way of delivering more cooling impact with less environmental impact so you can truly feel the cool knowing that no heat is added into the environment.

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