Who We Are

With minimal knowledge about lighting and the industry in general, PHYLUX was created simply out of passion to redefine personal lifestyle. Having recognised the vital role lighting plays in transforming space, Ronan and Jessie decided to establish a boutique lighting retail shop in 2013 capitalising on nothing but meager experiences filled with flaming passion.
Anchored on determination and hard work, both learned the ropes to cope with the the dynamic growth of the business landscape of the lighting industry. Over the last 5 years, our client base has grown exponentially prompting the need for an imperative paradigm shift to maximise opportunities. PHYLUX has taken that big leap and embarked into integrated custom solutions and project management for lighting projects largely due to an increasing demand for integrated services.

Today, PHYLUX envisions to continuously offer integrated solutions, uniquely designed to influence, inspire, illuminate every space. We are an up and coming brand who imbibes the philosophy of light; light influences, inspires & illuminates life. Similarly, we practice the philosophy of seing things in a new light armed with fresh ideas and rich experiences.

Phylux quintessetially believes in an honest communication with our clients to be able to create the most appropriate and smartest solutions imaginable. We aim to gain a deeper undestanding of behaviours, preferences, choices and desires for us to be an integral part of how people Enjoy Living!

Our Mission

To influence, inspire and illuminate living through top quality integrated lifetyle solutions uniquely designed to be a statement in any space there is.


Our Vision

A brand that redefines life.


Working @ PHYLUX

“What makes PHYLUX stand out is that every single employee has a stake in the company’s success. We are very team-driven, and we operate in a way that puts collective goals ahead of individual glory. In just 5 years we have grown very quickly, and we continue to succeed because we are a nimble organization that can rise to any challenge we may face. Everyone at PHYLUX is respectful, smart, and fun to work with. We are dedicated in what we do, and it shows in the strong relationships we have built with our customers.” – Casey